About RocketEviction – Tenant services in Clark County

RocketEviction offers quick, efficient Nevada eviction services for apartment complex owners, high-rise condominium owners and other multi-family rentals in Clark County, Nevada.

The landlords we serve are generally private equity funds, owners whose portfolios consist of multi-family housing complexes, and high-rise condominium owners. In addition, unlike most eviction services, RocketEviction works with attorneys to handle any legal issues that arise during the eviction process.

We are the only eviction service in Clark County that focuses exclusively on multi-family and high-rise evictions, and helping landlords maintain rent rolls that generate cash flow from paying tenants. Our team of professionals will resolve your tenant issues quickly.

Founded by an attorney, RocketEviction understands the legal aspects of the eviction process; but more importantly, we provide eviction services at affordable flat rates. Because of our knowledge, RocketEviction provides “Smarter” eviction services. Unlike law firms, we do not bill by the hour; our services are less expensive. Because evictions are all we do, RocketEviction provides “Faster” eviction services.