3-Day Notice to Quit for Nuisance in Las Vegas – What to Know

In Las Vegas, different situations can lead to a 3-Day Notice to Quit for Nuisance to evict tenants. It is used in rental properties and is described in two ways—a private and public nuisance. 

A private nuisance is when there’s the unreasonable and unlawful use of property that interferes with the use of other people’s property and doesn’t involve physical infringement at all to the property. On the other hand, a public nuisance is when there are damages, obstructions, or inconveniences to other people and the community. 

Keeping a tenant considered a nuisance may also put the landlord in trouble because they can prevent other tenants from renting the property. 

3-Day Notice to Quit for Nuisance in Las Vegas - What to Know

How It Works

In Las Vegas, the 3-Day Notice to Quit for Nuisance is served to the tenant at fault for the disturbance. The notice makes them aware of the complaint, and they have three days to stop the behavior, habit, or disruption.

Suppose the tenant refuses to quit or resolve the disturbance. In that case, the landlord can then move forward with eviction by serving a 7-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit or a 5-Day Unlawful Detainer Notice because their possession of the property is now unlawful. In some cases, landlords must use a formal unlawful detainer action to recover possession of your property.

The tenant maintains access to the property until the court gives the go-ahead for the eviction. If a landlord forces the tenant out without completing the due process, the tenant has the right to sue the landlord. On the other hand, a sheriff will help the landlord evict the tenant if the eviction has been passed. 

Now, let’s explore the common reasons a tenant is served with the 3-Day Notice to Quit for Nuisance: 

Tenant Subletting

A 3-Day Notice to Quit may be served when a tenant sublets the rental property. If you’re not allowed to do so, your landlord has the right to serve a 3-Day notice to you. 

In Las Vegas, the most common instance of subletting is when a tenant runs an Airbnb out of the rented property, putting the property at risk for damage and increasing the tenant’s liability. 

Another common subletting situation in Las Vegas is when a tenant rents the property to a tenant of their own. 

Neglect of Rental Property

Another reason to serve a 3-Day Notice to Quit for Nuisance is when there’s blatant neglect of the rented property. Usually, this involves much waste that is harmful and destructive to the property. In turn, this affects the value of the property. 

Illegal Business Operations

If a tenant operates an unlawful business in the rented property, a landlord can serve them with a 3-Day Notice to Quit for Nuisance. 

Disorderly Tenants

When a tenant is causing injuries or damages to other tenants or obstructing the use of the property to other tenants, they can be served with a notice to quit for nuisance. It can be as simple as a tenant playing loud music! 

When it comes to a nuisance situation, it is crucial to have all the facts of the problem. In any of the cases listed above, you need to ensure you have the evidence and proof to back them up. It would be best to have all the details in writing, such as what the tenant has done, destroyed, etc. Keep everything brief and factual. 


When dealing with eviction notices and procedures, it can get so overwhelming and stressful. In this case, consider taking yourself out of the picture and letting a professional handle it. 

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