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Rocket Eviction is your Las Vegas eviction company to get fast results and make your property profitable again. Since we specialize in apartment complexes, high-rise condominiums, multi-family rentals, single-family rentals, and commercial properties in Clark County, Nevada, we have the solution to get your property back.

Evicting tenants from rental housing and commercial properties is a difficult process on its own. That’s why we’re here to take on the burden of evicting your tenant. We have handled thousands of cases, so you can stop dreading the eviction process with legal expertise, comprehensive services, and more than just an eviction management company.

Founded by an attorney, Rocket Eviction is an expert on local housing laws and regulations throughout the state of Nevada, Clark County, and Las Vegas. Rocket’s team knows how to get things done quickly and affordably, resulting in a quick resolution that satisfies all parties.

Covid 19 Challenges

The Covid 19 pandemic continues to put a strain on landlord and tenant relationships for many people, thanks in part to the federal eviction moratorium and rental assistance programs. When a landlord finds themselves with too many tenants who cannot pay the rent or refuse to pay, they may feel helpless. Our eviction service is here to help you navigate the often confusing federal, Nevada state, and Clark County housing regulations.

Real Estate Options

We are here to help Las Vegas landlords resolve landlord-tenant evictions issues from start to finish. Our team can provide a variety of ways to help distressed property owners in the area with quick results. If you are feeling trapped by your property and need to get out, we have several programs to buy your property, freeing you from the stress and financial drain. If you are a landlord, call us today! We have solutions to remedy tenant issues or buy your building.

Las Vegas Eviction Experts to Get Problem Tenants Out with Proper Eviction Notices

Start To Finish Eviction Process

Rocket Eviction offers professional Nevada eviction services for property managers and landlords, serving Las Vegas. With an unmatched track record and reputation, we are the evictions specialist for some of the largest residential and commercial property management and real estate companies in Las Vegas. Some of our services include:

We serve all legal notices on your behalf quickly and correctly as per Nevada state code, including any eviction notice, unlawful detainer, 5 day or 7 day pay or quit notice, 30 day, and more. We take care of everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about legal issues.

We offer representation at court proceedings, including attending the eviction hearing, seeking possession of the property, and handling justice court appearances for the landlord.

There are many eviction necessities that most landlords cannot keep track of, and our solutions aid in the clearance of the home and allow for legal removal.

When tenants don’t pay rent, we help landlords take back their property through law enforcement and professional service providers that facilitate these types of tasks.

Your Licensed Process Server for Las Vegas, NV

Unlike many eviction companies, Rocket Eviction was founded by an attorney and continues to work with a law firm, bringing expert proficiency with the legal and justice court system. Under Nevada’s newly revised landlord-tenant laws, this relationship allows Rocket Eviction to provide a range of eviction process services cheaper than many other eviction companies.

With our legal background, Rocket Eviction provides eviction services and notices at affordable rates, making them the reliable service for evictions in Las Vegas, NV. We are the smarter, faster solution to getting your rental housing and commercial properties back to collecting rent and making money again. Let us fight for you!

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