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The eviction process varies from justice court to justice court, and a procedural breakdown can get your eviction dismissed. Don’t lose time and money struggling through eviction preparations and procedures.

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We understand the stress and burden landlords feel. You’ve had it with your terrible tenant. Eviction might be the answer, and we can assist you in getting it done quickly and simply from start to finish. Allow us to stand for you as the eviction expert in Clark County.

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Let us represent your case through the entire eviction process. As your local Las Vegas eviction expert, Rocket Eviction offers legal advice and handles everything from filing eviction notices to securing the property and all the logistics and procedures in between.


We send proven legal eviction notices to your tenants.


We file the eviction suit, manage the case, appear before the justice court, and represent you through any appeal attempt by the tenants.

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We prove your immediate right to possess your property and arrange the logistics of retaking it.

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Do you want to evict a tenant but don’t know how? 


That is where our fast Las Vegas eviction services come into play. We can help take back your property quickly by hiring us to handle the entire eviction process on your behalf. 

The Las Vegas legal advice and services we offer are thorough and complete. We will handle everything from start to finish, making sure it is done correctly. Since you should not take the eviction process lightly, you want the services of a qualified eviction company in Las Vegas. After all, it is very stressful for Clark County property owners to evict tenants they have allowed onto their property. 

Sometimes, the tenant has become negligent in their rental duties, not paying rent on time, or failing to keep up with other house rules. Sometimes, they are simply taking advantage of the landlord. 

No matter the situation, our eviction services can aid you in regaining possession of your property quickly and easily.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

If you serve an eviction letter on your tenant and refuse to leave, you must file an eviction notice in your local justice court after the grace period in the lease agreement has expired, which is usually three days. Your lease should include a time frame when your renter must leave your property being served an eviction notice for a lease violation.

It would be best if you never used force to remove the tenant. This could result in physical harm to you or other involved individuals. Just because you own the property does not give you the right to lock them out or take their belongings.

If you want to quickly regain possession of your property, it is best to hire an eviction service in Las Vegas. They will handle everything for you to get on with your life without worrying about the removal process.

It’s recommended that you engage an eviction expert for legal advice at the start of the process to ensure that you send a legal eviction notice according to the Nevada Property Code. Failure to follow every detail in this section and the rental agreement might result in your tenant remaining on your rental property longer, regardless of your efforts to evict them.

If you need assistance with eviction procedures in Las Vegas or Clark County, such as multi-day notice to pay the rent, unlawful detainer, justice court appearances, and other landlord-tenant lease agreement issues, please immediately contact our eviction experts, and we’ll get your tenant out as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Rocket Eviction is your premier eviction expert in Las Vegas. We help residential and commercial property owners, property managers, and landlords. We have over 30 years of eviction experience and are ready to use that knowledge on your behalf for fast, easy evictions of any tenant.

If you want to evict a tenant but don’t know how to get started, let Rocket Eviction Services handle the entire eviction process on your behalf for an affordable price. Contact us today to let us take the stress of your problem tenants!

The typical length of a Nevada eviction appeal case is determined by the judges, clerks, attorneys, and other factors (such as holidays in between). A landlord must anticipate an appeal to add anywhere from four to six weeks to the eviction process. It’s not unusual for an appeal to add three or four months to the entire eviction procedure. It all depends on the situation and the justice court.

Eviction appeals are time-consuming, complicated, and inconvenient for property owners and managers still waiting for the tenant to pay rent, so it’s critical to know the proper techniques and a method for winning the case. If you lose the appeal, you’ll have to start over from scratch.

The eviction process can be very complex, so it’s essential that you engage the services of an expert Las Vegas eviction company to handle everything for you. An eviction service in Las Vegas will take care of the problem tenant quickly and save you time and money, while honoring the rental agreement.

Most landlords or property managers don’t have experience with evictions, and they might make a mistake in the eviction procedure or eviction hearing. To avoid these mistakes, you should seek advice from an eviction service in Las Vegas with years of experience handling problems for property owners and managers.

In most cases, it’s best to hire an eviction service in Las Vegas when attempting an eviction. You need this help to navigate your rights in light of the eviction mediation program in your city or the rental assistance programs of the state. This ensures that your property is returned to you in a timelier manner without any additional expenses.

It’s best to hire an eviction service in Las Vegas that will handle everything for you quickly and affordably. Your problem is their problem, so they’ll take care of everything for you with guaranteed results. If you make an error during the eviction process, it could result in your tenant remaining on your rental property even longer, and you continuing to lose rent money.

Contact Rocket Eviction now to learn more about its eviction services in Las Vegas. We’ll save you time, money, and stress by handling it all for you.

For the best results and minimal inconvenience, hire experienced eviction experts to help you through the eviction appeal process. We have won thousands of eviction appeal cases over the years and have the knowledge and experience to get you your property back and get rid of your problem tenant once and for all. Call us today to start.

The eviction hearing is the beginning of the end for most renters, but it may not be in this instance. Some tenants still don’t leave, even after losing their justice court eviction case and possession of the home. You must file a writ of possession to force a tenant to leave the property and remove their possessions when this happens.

When Las Vegas law enforcement issues a writ of possession, they will oversee the removal of the tenant’s possessions from the property and place them on the outside. Anyone can be present during the actual movers. Still, it is usually preferable for a landlord to hire a professional moving crew to have as many movers as law enforcement requires.

Don’t remove the tenant’s possessions yourself even when you have won the case. You can’t just remove or sell the contents of your rental property without following the rules set forth by Las Vegas law enforcement. There is a process to follow, and it may take some time. If you’re not careful, you could face additional legal problems with your tenant and even more fees and penalties.

When you lose a court hearing in Las Vegas, your rental property will be returned to you or your tenant. You can’t evict or remove someone without the proper paperwork and court orders. This means that if you lose your eviction case, your tenant can deny you access to the property and force you to file a writ of possession as an additional step in the process.

When you win an eviction, law enforcement may allow you to enter the home with a movers company (with twenty-four hours notice) to collect items of value for storage.

Rocket Eviction is here to take the stress and anxiety out of property management in the Las Vegas area by handling all of your eviction needs. With connections through the housing, civil law, rental assistance programs, legal aid center, and justice court system, our network and reputation in the industry help us get things done fast and accurately.

Call us to get started, so you can get your property back, start making money again, and move on with your life and business. We handle everything from start to finish through the evictions process, so you can rest easy and have peace of mind.

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