Our Guide to Lawfully Evicting a Stubborn Tenant, Part 1

Real estate is undoubtedly an intelligent investment move. With a comprehensive investment plan, you’ll be able to create regular passive income, successfully building your wealth and achieving financial stability! However, even with that said, this doesn’t mean that owning a residential property is easy, especially when you’re the landlord.

Of course, there are countless benefits to being the head of an apartment building or condo, but you can’t ignore the drawbacks involved with the job. Although your primary job as a landlord is to provide accommodation, there are a lot more responsibilities you’re expected to fulfill. From property maintenance to tax compliance, the list is endless!

We wouldn’t say that being a landlord is a nightmare, but some challenges may drive one to quit. If there’s one thing that every landlord would hate to experience, it would most likely be dealing with a tenant who doesn’t want to move out.

When Your Tenant Won’t Budge

Evicting a tenant is never pleasant, but it’s even worse when they decide not to leave the rental property. Unfortunately, this situation is unavoidable, especially when you plan to stay in the rental property business for the years to come. Although quite tricky, you can still get your tenant to move out without resorting to extreme means.

With the proper steps, you’ll get your stubborn tenant to move out of your property through a legal procedure. Remember that you just have as many rights as a landlord as your tenant. The laws may vary by state, but one thing is clear—you have a right to order your tenant to move out if they deserve to.

To successfully evict your tenant, follow our tips below:

Read the Lease Agreement Form

Before doing anything else, you must first scan the lease signed by you and your tenant. You may find some clauses determining the actions you may take in case the tenant moves out of the property. If nothing is included in the lease, you can look at local and state laws to figure out the legal methods you can take to get a tenant out of a property.

Work With an Eviction Lawyer

The laws regarding rental properties and tenant eviction aren’t as easy to understand. When you don’t fully comprehend the complexities of the rules, you may end up making mistakes that could put you in legal trouble! 

If you want to ensure that you’re doing the right thing in the eye of the law, we recommend consulting an eviction lawyer. With legal support, you’ll be able to craft a solution to get a stubborn tenant to leave successfully. 


Dealing with a tenant who refuses to move out is frustrating and exhausting. Still, you can successfully evict them from your rental property without incurring any losses or encountering any issues! As long as you abide by the law and work with an experienced eviction lawyer, you’ll be able to evict your tenant and resume your business peacefully. Being a landlord is far from easy, but you can have a relatively manageable job with the proper procedure!

If you’re having trouble evicting your stubborn tenant, leave the job to our expert eviction lawyers at Rocket Eviction! As your partner for Las Vegas evictions, we will fight for your rights so that you can successfully get your property back. Start the eviction process today!


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