Our Guide to Lawfully Evicting a Stubborn Tenant, Part 2

Being a landlord for a rental property is a big but worthwhile job. Of course, you’ll have a multitude of responsibilities to uphold, but you get to build your wealth in exchange. As long as you make the right investment decisions, you’ll be able to achieve financial stability and freedom in no time!

However, even with the advantages of managing a rental property, some things could drive one to leave the landlord’s responsibilities to someone else. Of course, dealing with the taxes of a rental property is a headache, but there’s one thing that’s even worse than ensuring you’re tax compliant.

If there’s anything that could scare someone away from investing in a rental property, it would be dealing with a tenant who refuses to move out! Evicting a stubborn tenant may not seem like a big deal now, but as the eviction process draws out, you could end up wasting a significant amount of time and money.

Recognizing Your Rights

As a Landlord, you must first be familiar with your rights and what you can do to get your tenant to move out without having to go through extreme means. Although the laws vary by state, the following will affect the limits of what you can and cannot do.

As a landlord, you are entitled to:

  • Sell your property;
  • Renovate your property;
  • Evict tenants who break the lease’s terms; and
  • End a contract early if all parties agree.

Keep in mind that you must not abuse your rights as a landlord. Just because you don’t like a tenant doesn’t mean that you can evict them, nor can you ask them to move out because you want to rent to someone else who is willing to pay more for the accommodation.

When Respect Doesn’t Work

Before resorting to any legal action, you must first try to reason with your tenant and practice fairness. It’s always better to get a tenant to move out without having to undergo a potentially lengthy legal procedure that costs energy, time, and money. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Some tenants are more stubborn than others—not all tenants would be willing to work out a deal as quickly.

Although this is the best method to get a tenant to move out, it doesn’t guarantee positive results all of the time. If you want your tenant to move out as soon as possible, but they wouldn’t budge, then you have no choice but to take further legal action.

Every situation is different, so you must approach the eviction in a way that’s fit for the circumstances. You don’t always have to resort to going to court—your eviction lawyer may recommend a number of solutions that could work for your tenant.


Getting a stubborn tenant to move out is one of the worst nightmares of every landlord! However, if you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry. Although far from easy, you can successfully evict your stubborn tenant as long as you cooperate with your eviction lawyer and abide by the state laws.

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