When a Tenant Doesn't Pay Rent

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If tenants aren’t paying, then you’re losing. You’ve tried negotiation, but a loss of control will only make things worse for your business.

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According to Nevada's Property Code, an eviction notice is the first step in any Nevada eviction. While this notification primarily serves to notify your tenant of your intention to reclaim your property, it is also a crucial document protecting your interests.

What We Can Do Together​

Chasing down your tenants for the rent and late fee past the grace period is never desirable as a landlord. Many landlords rely on their rent payments as a source of money, so it can be pretty stressful when a tenant falls behind or refuses to pay. Fortunately, there are a few measures you may take to try to recoup your lost rent from a tenant who hasn’t paid.

1. Talk

Communicate with your tenant about the unpaid rent and possible payment plan options

2. File

Contact us to file the appropriate legal notices to get the law working for you.

3. Court

We represent you before the justice court to resolve the matter quickly and affordably

Bring an End to the Pain With Rocket Eviction

When tenants don’t pay rent, it becomes painful quickly for landlords and owners. Tenants are essential in the rental world, and when they don’t pay their rent, this creates cash flow and income issues for owners. It is vital to keep accurate, thorough records of everything regarding your tenant and their lease agreement so you can reference them when needed. Payment history of paid rent, conversations, emails, text messages, and maintenance requests are all helpful pieces of information if a dispute arises.

If a tenant is not paying rent, try to talk with them about the situation and see if there can be any progress. It is crucial to keep track of rent and late fees and promptly send them a Late Rent Notice detailing the back rent and charges. Before legal action is considered, the last communication to give the tenant is a final notice to Pay or Quit notice.

When legal action is needed, Rocket Eviction is your partner through the entire eviction process. Sending legal notices requires accurate procedures and details, and our expert team will file all legal notices correctly and fast. We take the stress of the eviction process away from our clients by handling everything from representation on your court date to the logistics of securing your real estate property. Let us fight for you today!

The Eviction Process May Include a Summary Eviction, Quit Notice, or Unlawful Detainer Complaint.
Complete Eviction Process from Start To Finish with Rocket Eviction

Another Option for Distressed Landlords

If getting tenants to pay the rent is only one of many issues you’re having with your rental property, the best option may be to sell it. Imagine being able to move on with your life after selling the property and no longer having to deal with tenants’ aggravating problems. When landlords sell their rental real estate properties, they often enjoy newfound independence.

At Rocket Eviction, we have several options to acquire undesirable rental houses from landlords such as you who are tired, weary, dissatisfied, and want to get their lives back together. We understand the struggles when you own rental properties and are here to help relieve the burden of such a difficult situation. We will work with you to liquidate your current property quickly at a fair market value.

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You can’t afford to let this continue. We can help you with unpaying tenants and any legal recourse needed to protect your investment. With Rocket Eviction, we can help you find peace of mind and profitability again!

Our Frequently Asked Questions

No, you may not simply enter a property solely because the tenant is failing to pay rent. Nevada law states that the landlord does not have an unrestricted right to access the property; instead, they must provide a valid reason. In most states, the lease will include when and under what circumstances a landlord has the right to enter the property—paying rent is seldom mentioned. 

If your tenant is not paying the rent, it’s a better option to contact Rocket Evictions and have them evicted rather than attempting to get inside. We’ll assist you in getting your property back quickly and easily. To discover more, give your local experts a phone call right now.

It’s not advised, technically speaking. Nevada law only allows a landlord to lock out a residential tenant if they are late paying rent. Furthermore, even if the tenant fails to pay their rent, the landlord must give them a new key for the property within 24 hours.

However, simply forcing a tenant out does not guarantee that you will be able to deal with an uncooperative renter. If a landlord locks out a residential tenant, they may be held liable for “wrongful eviction” and attorney’s fees and court costs.

If you’re in a bind dealing with a renter, don’t try to expel them even if they haven’t paid. Instead, call Rocket Eviction to start an easy eviction and get rid of your problem tenant as soon as possible.

Yes, it is possible, but it will make matters more challenging with the court. You should file the petition after issuing your three-day notice. However, any funds or partial rent payment collected may be construed as working with the tenant, and the judge may throw out your case.

It is not advisable or best practice to accept partial payments for rent. Make it explicit in the rental agreement that the rent amount owed and due date must match. If your renter has not paid their rent on time, you should begin the eviction procedure as soon as possible by giving a timely eviction notice.

Rocket Eviction is your first step to assist you in all of your eviction issues. Founded by a lawyer, gain expert legal advice on landlord-tenant problems and laws, along with the best course of action for your situation. Contact us today to get started!

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