How to File a Tenant Eviction Notice

When a tenant violates the terms of their lease agreement, it is usually necessary to evict them from the rental unit. The formal eviction process begins with filing an eviction notice. Here are the procedures for filing eviction notices in Nevada.

The Las Vegas eviction notice process is governed by state law, including Nevada Revised Statutes. The eviction notice must be drafted according to the statutory requirements. Only a lawsuit can enforce eviction after an eviction notice has expired.

Serving the Tenant With an Eviction Notice

Before filing an eviction lawsuit, you can follow the summary eviction process and serve your tenant with either hand-delivered or a certified mail eviction notice. Note that serving the initial thirty-day notice is not the same as mailing it; actual physical delivery of the eviction notice to your tenant is necessary before starting the summary eviction process action against them. Certified mail service only provides legal evidence that you served your tenant – it does not substitute for personal delivery. If you do choose to deliver through certified mail, use a return receipt so that you have documented proof of eviction notice delivery.

Serve Eviction Notice to Tenant Outside the Property Line

This eviction notice requirement is mandatory only if the property has a yard or some other area where your tenant can receive personal items that are delivered by hand. If not, then the eviction notice may be served anywhere on the premises. However, it is always advisable to serve removal notices in person so that you have an opportunity to talk with your tenant about their lease violation before seeking eviction remedies. You will need to provide proof of service through either certified mail receipts or witnesses who saw you deliver eviction notices personally.

If you’re uncomfortable delivering an eviction notice yourself, an eviction services company can deliver it on your behalf. Rocket Eviction out of Las Vegas is here to help. They have local expertise on every part of the eviction process, from justice court and civil law statutes to a notice to quit and a summary eviction. They are basically your one-stop legal aid center for landlord-tenant disputes and Nevada’s eviction process.

Eviction Notice Periods

An eviction notice automatically terminates after a certain amount of days. The period starts running when the tenant receives an eviction notice. Unlawful detainer eviction actions cannot be filed with a court before the eviction notice period has expired. To know when this period starts and ends, check your local and state laws.

Eviction Notice for Failure to Pay Rent

If the tenant stops paying rent, and if the tenant fails to pay rent after receiving a seven-day notice to pay, you have three options besides the summary eviction process:

  • File an eviction lawsuit with the justice court.
  • Revoke the eviction notice and allow the tenant more time to comply with the lease agreement. The eviction notice is not considered terminated as long as eviction is your second option.
  • If you serve a seven-day notice to quit or pay and the renter does not comply, you are at liberty to employ the assistance of the authorities to remove your unlawful tenant from the property.

Need Help With the Eviction Process?

When a difficult tenant violates civil law through a lease violation or failure to pay rent, both the landlord and the tenant suffer. An eviction notice is a legal document that initiates the eviction lawsuit process. In Nevada, eviction notices must comply with state laws. They should be hand-delivered to the tenant in person. If expulsion notices are not delivered properly, an eviction suit cannot be filed against the tenant in justice court right away and you may lose leverage to evict them until the notice period terminates.

If you need to evict a difficult tenant, but you’re not sure where to start, or you don’t have time to learn about the intricate rules and required paperwork, contact professional eviction services. Rocket Eviction is a local Las Vegas eviction firm founded by a lawyer, and they serve landlords, property managers, and property owners in the Clark County, and Las Vegas, Nevada area. Contact them now to get the eviction process started, so you can get your property back.


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