How to Get Rid of an Unwanted Tenant

How Can I Get My Tenant To Move Out?

Las Vegas has a booming rental market, but sometimes renters are problematic. They might not pay rent, cause damage to the property, or violate lease terms, and evictions might be necessary. Although part and parcel of being a landlord, they can be costly and time-consuming without the knowledge of how to proceed properly. 

1. Ensure that the reason for eviction is valid

The majority of evictions are caused by the tenant becoming past-due on their rent, but other reasons include extreme property damage, health or safety hazards on the property, violation of lease agreement terms, or failure to adhere to the rules of occupancy. If you’re unsure if the reason that you wish to evict your tenant is valid or not, the best way to move forward is to consult with or hire a reputable Las Vegas evictions company. 

2. Gather documented evidence

Once you’ve decided to go forward with the eviction, you’ll need to organize evidence that will support your reason to evict your tenant. 

This can include (but isn’t limited to):

  • Documents
  • Receipts
  • Proof of late rent payments
  • Proof of failure to pay rent
  • Images of property damage
  • Written complaints from other tenants or neighbors
  • Surveillance footage of illegal or damaging activities

3. Give your tenant formal notice of eviction

After having obtained the necessary evidence, you can give your tenant their official notice. There is a variety of notices to choose from, and the most appropriate one depends on the reason for eviction. 

A few examples of eviction notices include (but aren’t limited to):

  • 3-day nuisance notice
  • 5-day pay or quite
  • 5-day lease violation

Specific information must be included in the notice. State laws mandate that you have to have the following on your 5-day notice for example:

  • Names and addresses of all parties involved
  • The date that the tenant was served
  • The reason(s) for the notice
  • Statement of the tenant’s account
  • Total amount due
  • Specifications of how the tenant was served

As soon as you give the tenant the notice, whether delivering it to them face-to-face or leaving it on their door, the “clock” for eviction process has officially started ticking. It’s important to know which jurisdiction your property is in so that judicial days can be counted properly. 

Additionally, ensure that you have a witness present that can testify that you posted the eviction notice on your tenant’s door or gave it to an adult who was at the property, unless you hand the actual named tenant the eviction notice.  

4. File your summary eviction complaint with the court

If the tenant doesn’t comply with the eviction notice in the time allowed, you can take the next step – filing a Summary Eviction with the court. If the judge or hearing master (depending on your jurisdiction) reviews, signs, and executes your Summary Eviction, then the property in question will be back in your possession.

  • If your tenant files an ‘answer’ to your notice, the Justice Court will schedule a hearing where you as the landlord must attend in order to ensure that the eviction isn’t denied. 
  • If an Eviction Order is granted, the tenant will be able to file a Motion to Stay or a Motion to Set Aside an Eviction Order. 
  • You and the tenant may need to appear in court, depending on the judge or hearing master’s discretion. 

If no motion is granted, the order from the court will be given to the authorities to finalize the eviction. The official Notice to Vacate will be posted, and lockout scheduled for the following business day. The county depute will contact you so that you can schedule a specific time for the lockout. 

Rocket Eviction

If you’re looking for more ways that you can collect evidence, what to do if a tenant doesn’t sign a notice, or simply need more guidance, look no further than Rocket Eviction. Our team is made up of experienced eviction lawyers right here in Clark County. We’re a full-service solution that will ensure you regain possession of your property. Efficient, effective, affordable, and reliable – contact us today to sort out your eviction process. 


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