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Make money on your rentals again with Rocket Eviction, a local company that helps landlords and property owners in North Las Vegas, NV, with fast, expert eviction services. We’re your dependable, licensed Las Vegas eviction service provider since we handle apartment communities, high-rise condo complexes, multi-family rentals, single-family rentals, and commercial properties in Clark County, Nevada.

The team at Rocket Eviction has years of experience resolving legal issues and evicting tenants in a timely and cost-effective manner. As a result, you receive an immediate resolution that satisfies all parties. Rocket Eviction was founded by a lawyer and has maintained long-standing partnerships with major law firms, becoming an authority on local housing laws and regulations in Nevada, Clark County, and Las Vegas.

Evicting tenants from rental housing is a time-consuming procedure. That’s why we’re here to take care of the eviction for you. We’ve completed hundreds of evictions in the Las Vegas Metro area, gaining years of real estate and legal expertise. We are here to assist you with your house or rental property issues in North Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to take away some of your stress as a landlord or property manager by offering eviction services to the community and regions around us.

As your North Las Vegas and greater Clark County evictions professionals, you can rely on us to handle all of your eviction needs from beginning to end. We’re professional, quick, discreet, and cost-effective. You won’t need anyone else with Rocket Eviction on your side.

The Challenges of Covid-19 on the Local Community

Many people’s landlord-tenant relationships are nearing the breaking point owing to the federal eviction moratorium and rental assistance programs, which have exacerbated the Covid-19 epidemic. When a property owner has too many tenants who can’t pay rent or won’t pay it, they can become frustrated and feel powerless. Rocket Eviction can help you navigate the problematic federal eviction moratorium and procedure for evicting a tenant from your rental property.

If you own a North Las Vegas property and have become a victim of Covid-19 abuse, we can assist you with eviction so that problem tenants are kicked out.

North Las Vegas Real Estate Services for Distressed Landlords

We are a North Las Vegas-based business specializing in assisting property owners with evictions, housing rules, and expert legal counsel. Our staff has a variety of solutions to help distressed property owners in the area get quick answers. We have a variety of programs beyond eviction services to sell your property if you feel trapped and want to get out, so you can refocus and move forward. We offer our clients buybacks, sales, and short sales (ongoing assistance for North Las Vegas landlords who are upside down on their loans).

We can assist you with selling your rental property quickly or stopping foreclosure proceedings in North Las Vegas. We’ve helped many people over the years with their buyouts because we realize the financial challenges they’re facing. We want to do everything we can to help our clients succeed during a trying period.

Complete the Entire Process of Eviction from Start To Finish with Rocket Eviction

Let Our Team of Full-Service Eviction Professionals Assist You!

Rocket Eviction provides expert licensed process eviction services to apartment managers, landlords, and owners in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Clark County. We are the Las Vegas eviction specialists for many significant homes and commercial property managers with a good track record and reputation in the community. Begin now by scheduling a free consultation! Some of our services include:

We manage all legal notifications on your behalf swiftly and correctly, as per Nevada state code, including all eviction notices, unlawful detainer, 5-day notice, 7-day pay or quit notice, 30-day warning letter, and more. We handle everything for you so that you don’t have to worry about legal issues.

We attend court hearings on behalf of our clients, such as the eviction hearing, possession of the property, and legal court appearances for the owner. Every case is handled by Rocket Eviction, a full-service firm that offers expert eviction services, Las Vegas eviction court experience, and legal help to distressed landlords.

Most landlords would find it challenging to handle all of their eviction services on their own. Our Las Vegas eviction services assist in clearing the property, obtaining legal removal, and assisting in any necessary paperwork.

After winning an eviction case, we assist landlords and property management firms in reclaiming their property by working with legal enforcement and expert service providers to help them with these sorts of activities.

We Are Your Local Eviction Specialists

Rocket Eviction was established by a lawyer, demonstrating substantial legal and court system knowledge than most evictions companies. Under the state’s recently revised landlord-tenant laws, we can save you money by providing services at a lower cost than other Las Vegas Valley eviction firms due to our long-standing partnership. Call now for a no-obligation consultation or fill out the form below to schedule a free eviction services consultation.

Call us when you need a Las Vegas, NV eviction company to treat your property with care and make the process as easy as possible. We provide efficient and rapid solutions for low-cost evictions, making us your dependable ally in Nevada for evictions. We are the more creative, faster solution to get your rental property back on track and earn money. Allow us to fight for you!


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