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We are with you till the end, including obtaining, regaining entry past door locks, and securing your property against retaliation.

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Once an eviction is won in court, the landlord still needs to reclaim their property. Changed door locks, a stubborn tenant, or possible retaliation against you and your property can leave you feeling hopeless and dejected.

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We’ve seen it all and are prepared to guide you through any scenario in retaking your property after an eviction. From coordinating with a professional, licensed locksmith services company, running a security audit, and overseeing the removal of an evicted tenant’s personal property, Rocket Eviction is your local Las Vegas evictions partner.

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Our partnership with professional locksmiths, security advisors, and landlord services saves you time and headaches.

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Professional Locksmith Services for Evictions, including Lock Installation and Lock Replacement
Rocket Eviction Coordinates Professional Locksmith Services for Landlords, including Rekey Locks, a New Lock Change, and High Security Locks

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Our locksmith services bring concierge-level service and professionalism to what is often a very stressful situation. We understand the pitfalls and time-wasting errors of reclaiming a rental property. We remove the guesswork and get you back to making money fast.

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We represent you in eviction court proceedings from start to finish.

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We manage the logistics of obtaining possession of your property from the evicted tenant.

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We are the best way to minimize damage and protect your interests.

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When a landlord wins an eviction case and has an Order for the Sheriff to evict the tenant, they need to coordinate the services of a locksmith to coincide with the Sheriff. If the tenant becomes stubborn and uncooperative, a locksmith can usually unlock the door lock without causing damage to the door lock or the entrance to assist the sheriff in their removal. When an apartment, condominium, or home is vacant, the landlord will need to change all door locks or keys to assure that the property remains secure. Landlords should then think about upgrading door locks, security cards, and access code settings for key-less entry models, intercom systems, safe locks, garage locks, storage area locks, gates, and other lock types that will increase security. Rocket Eviction of Las Vegas, NV, will handle these and any other lock and key logistics that arise.

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Don’t put it off any longer; the problem will not go away on its own. The sooner we begin, the faster your renters leave, and you can resolve this problematic scenario. Rocket Eviction is here for you every step of the way.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

A licensed and experienced locksmith is professional, quick, and will ensure that your items are safe and secure during the service. If you’re looking to save time and money, you want someone to get the job done right.

Professional locksmiths can obtain entry without causing permanent structural damage requiring repairs. Also, the tools used by a locksmith are less intrusive for lockout service, new lock installation, old lock replacement, rekey locks, and any other lock and key service.

It is essential to change locks after an eviction because you don’t want your evicted tenants to be able to come back at any moment or strangers getting into the property.

The team at Rocket Eviction understands that every client’s situation is unique, and we are equipped to handle any tenant removal service. We’re available to assist you with your lock-changing needs. Contact us now for a free consultation on anything related to your current landlord-tenant dispute, and we’ll provide the services you need to get your life back on track.

The eviction process should end following the court hearing and obtaining ownership of your home, but this is not always the case. Some tenants refuse to depart despite having lost possession of their property. In these cases, a writ of possession is required to remove the tenant and possessions from the premises.

When the Sheriff’s department executes a writ of possession, and the renter has not departed when they arrive, law enforcement will oversee the removal of their belongings from the property and store them on the outside. Anyone can be a mover, but hiring a professional moving crew is usually preferable since the Sheriff requires more movers.

If you are faced with a situation requiring eviction services, contact us immediately. At Rocket Eviction, we’ll take care of everything from beginning to end – including reclaiming your property. For a free consultation about your current landlord-tenant problem, get in touch with us right now.

It is against Nevada law to evict a problematic tenant without obtaining a writ of possession from Nevada courts, no matter how bad the situation has become.

A writ of possession is a formal notice from a Nevada court. It has the State of Nevada’s big seal and orders tenants to leave the specified property by a given date and time, as ordered by the court. The writ of possession also states that a sheriff will be authorized to eject them from the property and remove their belongings if renters do not comply.

The Sheriff will serve the order to vacate on the tenant, or their representative, within 24 hours of arrival at that location. If the tenants are not present, law enforcement will notify them by mail. Once the writ of possession has been served, it becomes illegal for tenants to continue staying in the home or apartment without explicit permission from the courts.

Don’t put it off any longer; start your eviction procedure right now to get a writ of possession and have your property free of your problematic tenant as quickly as feasible. Hire us right away, and let us handle the complicated Nevada eviction rules for you. Our eviction experts will complete the task promptly and correctly the first time.

We specialize in landlord-tenant evictions and can handle all aspects of the eviction process, from start to finish. From lock installation to lockout service, we coordinate with professional locksmiths in Las Vegas to legally gain entry. For a free consultation about your present housing problem, contact us now.

Include a section in your lease or rental agreement that states you will change the locks if there is a problem. Alternatively, before you move in, create a door lock policy and have it signed by the tenant. Include provisions on when you can stop the tenant from lock changes or requesting additional keys, as well as conditions and circumstances under which you can do so.

The law in states like Nevada allows landlords to have a key for entry and prohibits tenants from preventing them from entering. However, we recommend including information about landlord inspections and the circumstances under which you may visit the property. Except in the case of an emergency such as a fire or a gas leak, you must give your tenant a 24-hour notice before entering a Nevada rental property. Clearly explain any emergencies that allow you to enter the premises without delay and handle repair and maintenance concerns.

If you’re going to allow your tenants to rekey locks, include them in the lease or rental agreement, and don’t forget to mention they are required to give you a set of new keys. Be cautious when handing over the new keys to your renters because they may never return them all, keeping one with them after moving out. Landlords will never know if there are still keys in the tenants’ possession, which might lead to many problems later on. This issue is why it’s a good idea for landlords to permanently change the locks on their rental property when they switch tenants, giving each one of them a different set of keys.

Rocket Eviction is your local Las Vegas evictions expert to walk you through the entire eviction process from start to finish. Contact us today for a free consultation about your current landlord-tenant issue.

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