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A Notice of Abandonment serves as the basis for evicting a tenant, but you can’t use it until the tenant is no longer inside the property and has failed to notify you.


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According to Nevada's Property Code, an eviction notice is the first step in any Nevada eviction. While this notification primarily serves to notify your tenant of your intention to reclaim your property, it is also a crucial document protecting your interests.

How to Get Your Property Back

There are some legal requirements before a Notice of Abandonment can be given to the tenant. The prerequisites are determined by whether the tenant’s belongings are still inside the rental property.

1. Determine

We will determine the correct course of action for the tenant's violation and the number of days missing.

2. Serve

We will determine the correct course of action for the tenant's violation and the number of days missing.

3. Claim

We will determine the correct course of action for the tenant's violation and the number of days missing.

You Have Options to Take Back Your Property

As a landlord, you have the power to issue various kinds of notices for different reasons. The type of notice you send your tenant will influence the decision you receive if they take the matter to court. It’s critical to give the appropriate notice based on the circumstances so that you have a strong case if your tenant goes to court over the document or subsequent actions.

A Notice of Abandonment is sent to the tenant to explain that they have been absent from the property for a specific length of time without notifying you about it. It simply tells the tenant that you consider the property abandoned and unoccupied before the expiration of the lease. If a tenant does not inform you of their presence on the premises for an extended period, you may declare them to be “abandoned.” Additionally, you can seek to replace them if they don’t reappear promptly.

Rocket Eviction can help determine the correct legal course of action for your tenant and landlord situation. Once the extent of the violation is correctly understood, filing the appropriate notice will get the process moving towards an outcome. Your property needs to make money, and our team is here to help make it profitable again.

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If you suspect your tenant has left, and it has been at least five days since they have contacted you, call us immediately! These situations don’t resolve themselves independently, and when left unattended, you risk danger to your property, reputation, and neighboring tenants.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Every doorway to the leased building must have a Notice of Abandonment posted. You should also send it to any address supplied by the tenant via certified mail and any other addresses provided by the tenant. The landlord must wait five business days after sending the notice by certified mail before taking any action. If the tenant does not react to the Notice of Abandonment, you may proceed with the eviction procedure right away.

Contact Rocket Eviction right away if you think your tenant has abandoned the property. As experts in housing regulations, we will ascertain if you have legal grounds to serve a Notice of Abandonment and what your next steps should be. We are your eviction experts to guide you through the whole process of securing your property.

If one fine day you suddenly discover that the tenant on your property is nowhere to be found along with some of the items in your rental are also missing, your first reaction in most instances would be to panic. It’s best to remain calm in such a situation and not to take any steps that would create a problem for you in the coming future.

Even if the tenant stops paying the rent and removes important belongings from your property, you cannot assume that the lease has come to an end. The first thing you can and should do in this situation is to follow a legal procedure that will aid in bringing the tenancy agreement to an end. You must give the tenant a Notice of Abandonment. After you’ve given the notice and completed the legal procedure, you can go to court to get any outstanding money on your property.

However, before you can do so, you must ensure that the Notice of Abandonment you’ve given has been legally served. You should only consider a Notice of Abandonment after a tenant leaves without informing you or if he has left the property.

There are certain legal formalities to go through before serving a Notice of Abandonment on the tenant. The requirements differ based on whether the tenant’s belongings are still inside the rented property or not.

  • If the possessions are in the rental property, you can serve the notice if the tenant has not entered the house for seven days and the rent has been unpaid for ten days.
  • If the possessions are also missing, you can serve the notice if the tenant has not entered the house for five days and the rent has been unpaid for five days.

You can give the tenant a Notice of Abandonment if either one of the above conditions exists.

Rocket Eviction is your partner through any landlord and tenant issue. As an industry leader, our business partners with a law firm to maximize efficiency and affordability for our clients. We are your advocate to get your property back to being profitable again. Call us today to get started! 

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