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Our eviction services are tailored to your needs so that you can sell your occupied rental property without legal fallout.

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You need to sell your home but can’t wait for the lease to expire. Selling rental property with tenants is challenging because there is an additional party and contract involved.

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Landlords who own properties with tenants inside often struggle to sell them because they don’t want to deal with the legal and financial risks. Rocket Eviction can help you sell your property with tenants so you can move on with your life.

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Communicate with your tenants, keeping everything safe and legal.

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Every situation is unique, with various factors to be considered. From the fine print of the tenant’s lease agreement and early termination clause to finding potential buyers, selling a tenant-occupied property can have multiple scenarios. We help evaluate the situation and sell your house in the quickest, safest way possible!

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If you’re a landlord who wants to sell a rental property but doesn’t know if you can with tenants inside on a fixed-term lease, the answer is yes, but there are exceptions. If the real estate house or complex requires significant renovations, it will probably make sense to wait for the lease to expire to prepare the property for sale. Sellers often try to put their real estate up for sale before they’ve finished renovations or even before the work is started. However, a potential buyer and real estate agent may see the prospect of an investment property with stable tenants in place as a very attractive arrangement.

We know that selling a rental property with tenants is complicated, which is why our services are designed to help you sell the property without legal problems. 

Read this article for more information about selling rental property with tenants.

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If you suspect your tenant has left, and it has been at least five days since they have contacted you, call us immediately! These situations don’t resolve themselves independently, and when left unattended, you risk danger to your property, reputation, and neighboring tenants.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can market your rental property while your tenant is still living in the property. If a multi-month lease has expired, then the situation is more fluid for a new buyer or real estate investor. The new owner can continue the lease agreement as long as the tenants continue paying rent. The buyer also has the flexibility to live in the property once they terminate the current month lease with the tenant with the appropriate notice.

We buy occupied rental properties, so there’s no need to worry about having a tenant. We would be delighted to keep the tenant if they are decent renters. If they are bad tenants, we are experts in evicting tenants and repairing any damages to the property. 

We know it isn’t easy to show the property when you have a tenant, as they won’t stage the property or may not be cooperative with inspections. We grasp this, and it isn’t an issue. We buy properties regularly, and we can work with almost any situation.

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While we would choose decent tenants, we will still acquire a property with terrible tenants. We’ve dealt with situations like this before, and we know how to repair any damage done, get tenants to offer to pay rent, enforce the existing lease agreement, manage the security deposit, and prep the home for a new owner. So if you want us to handle it, we’ll take care of selling the property with tenants inside and an existing rental agreement.

With eviction expertise in Las Vegas, Clark County, and the state of Nevada, we can move forward with the purchase of a rental property regardless of the quality of the current tenant.

To sell your Las Vegas real estate property with tenants, start by calling Rocket Eviction to discuss your situation.

The second thing you should do is get your place ready for showings by repairing any damage that may have happened over the course of your tenant’s tenancy. You don’t want to lose money on repairs before selling a property, but you also don’t want potential buyers to walk away from a tour because of flaws you could have fixed before the sale of the property.

You need to get your property on the market as quickly as possible once it is ready for showings. The more time you waste with an occupied property, the less interest you will get from a new owner, real estate agent, or real estate investor in buying your property. Don’t get stuck managing a rental property instead of selling your house.

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