What Is the 3-Day Notice to Quit for Drug Violation in Vegas

As a landlord, you make the rules for your property that tenants must follow, but there are also state laws that both landlords and tenants must observe. Las Vegas is one of the cities in the US that has its unique protective regulations. If you live in this city and manage a property, this article will discuss the Three-Day Notice to Quit for Drug Violation which every landlord should be familiar with and understand. 

What Is the Three-Day Notice to Quit for Drug Violation?

A landlord has no complete control over their tenants. Tenants have the freedom to do what they want as long as they follow the agreed rules and regulations discussed during their contract signing. While the tenants have the liberty to live their lives, doing something wrong, like bringing illegal substances onto the premises, is a different case. 

Law-abiding landlords never want to find themselves involved in a situation they can’t control. For this kind of scenario, the Three-Day Notice to Quit is helpful to protect their interests and the property. It is the notice a landlord can use for a reason other than non-payment of rent. For example, it can be due to nuisance, waste, unlawful business, or drug violation. Thus, even not following the agreed rules within the premises can earn the tenant an eviction notice. 

Under Nevada law (NRS 40.2414), the landlord has the authority to give a three-day notice to their tenant for reasons of nuisance, given that the landlord provides a written explanation or description of the alleged disturbance. Once the tenant receives the message, they have three working days to fix the concern. 

Should the tenant refuse to do anything, the landlord may send the Five-Day Unlawful Detainer as a follow-up notice. After that, if the tenant still does not comply or take any action, the landlord can proceed with the “lockout.” In other words, on the fifth judicial day of service of the Five-Day unlawful detainer notice (excluding holidays, weekends, and service days), the landlord can proceed to evict the tenant for good.

Why Use the Three-Day Notice to Quit?

Giving a three-day notice may seem like being too kind to the tenant for some, especially when the landlord is sure that something illegal may be happening within their premises. However, the three-day notice can also be helpful for both parties. Every landlord has the right to know what is happening before they run and report to the authorities. At the same time, the tenant also has the right to explain themselves before they experience rental house eviction.

The use of drugs can be a complicated case, and Nevada is a state with unique rules for drugs and substance abuse. Here are some worthy notes to remember: 

  • Possession of illegal drugs can already earn a Las Vegas tenant an eviction notice. 
  • If the drug is used for medical purposes and is proven, there will be no case unless it is considered illegal in the state or the patient has no idea they are receiving the said drug. 
  • If Nevada prohibits the drug from being used (i.e., marijuana), possessing the drug knowingly and intentionally advertising or using it is considered an unlawful act. 
  • Should the landlord discover the tenant’s illegal possession of drugs, they have the right to serve an eviction notice and report the tenant to the authorities. 


As a landlord, you hold many responsibilities to your tenants. Despite that, you also have duties to the community and the state. Sometimes, you need to do what you have to do to maintain the peace within your property. Every time you encounter a stubborn or irresponsible tenant, know your rights and fight for them. Remember that you always have the power to give your rental house eviction notice whenever it is needed.

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