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A Complete Solution For Every Step of the Eviction Services Process!

Rocket Eviction is your Las Vegas partner for any eviction. We can handle all aspects of your eviction case or take over the eviction services needed to ensure the successful completion of your case. Our Eviction Services include detailed Eviction Notice preparation, delivery, and filing with the court, Eviction Preparations and logistics throughout the process, Lock Changing services for assuming control of your properties, and Appearance and Representation services in Justice Court.

Every eviction starts with the appropriate eviction notice.

An eviction notice is the first step in every Nevada eviction, as Nevada’s Property Code states. While this notification primarily serves to notify your tenant of your desire to retake possession of the property, it is also an important document that protects your interests. We promptly prepare, deliver, and file all legal eviction notices within 24 hours in person and by certified mail.

Confidence that every detail gets properly handled

As a Las Vegas property expert, we provide legal advice and deal with everything from serving eviction papers to retaking the property and all of the logistics and procedures in between. Did a recent development in your case blindside you? We can help! Let us handle the entire eviction process and details on your behalf.

Reclaim your property efficiently and quickly.

Our locksmith services provide concierge-level service and professionalism to a time-consuming problem. We’re familiar with the hazards and waste of reclaiming a rental property. We remove the uncertainty and help you get back to earning money quickly. As soon as we succeed in obtaining your house, we’ll take care of all the details involved with ejecting a tenant and minimizing property damage.

Defend your rights with expert court representation

Our Nevada eviction experts prepare all required documents to ensure the success of your eviction case. We file, appear in court and advocate for your rights against your tenant before the judge. Our counsel will show that you have a right to possess the property instantly and dispute any attempts by your tenant to stay in your premises or housing.

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