For Landlords: Ways to Manage Stress Due to an Eviction

As a landlord, the last thing you would want to happen is having to evict a tenant in your property because it will significantly cause you inconvenience and, most especially, stress. Eviction can also build tension between you and your tenant, so you have to be emotionally prepared to face the situation. 

However, no matter how stressed you are, you have to keep your composure and professionalism because the tenant may charge you for your behavior. We know it can be challenging to stay calm with all the stress you’re feeling. So, we are here to help you get that inner peace and composure. 

Here are ways on how you can manage your stress due to an eviction:

1. Acknowledge the Feelings You Are Experiencing Regarding the Eviction

One of the ways to manage your stress is to acknowledge the feelings you’re having. Eviction is a hard process, and it will potentially damage the good relationship you have with your tenant. Just know that it’s normal to feel guilty, angry, frustrated, and sympathetic, and so, you have to accept these emotions for you to move on. 

Don’t hold the eviction just because you don’t want to feel these emotions. If you let your tenants continue their poor behavior or breach the lease agreement continually, you will only face more stress. 

If you don’t want to build tension, the best approach is to communicate with them calmly and thoroughly explain the facts that caused their eviction. 

2. Always Maintain Your Professionalism

Sometimes, you will encounter difficult tenants, making the eviction process more challenging and complicated. Sometimes, they may even get so angry, resulting in bullying and guilt-tripping landlords just to allow them to stay. 

However, regardless of the behavior of the tenant, you need to stay professional as a landlord. If you reciprocate their emotions with anger, the process will only take longer than usual. Just stick to the plan and follow the procedures accordingly. Also, try to be as respectful and humble as possible in treating your tenants to save yourself from further complications and stress. 

3. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself with the Eviction Process

As much as possible, try to calm yourself and take the process one step at a time. If you overthink it, it will only leave you feeling overwhelmed. Avoid postponing the process just because you’re afraid it will not be easy. But, take note that evicting a tenant will never be easy. Stop prolonging the agony, so do it immediately. 

Instead of overwhelming yourself, take time to learn the process and plan out your next steps. This way, it’ll be easier for you to do everything smoothly and keep your calm. Focus on getting through your plans and avoid your tenant’s behavior from getting in your way. 


The stress of evicting a tenant will always be there. You just have to learn how to manage it carefully so you can do the process more efficiently. Remember, always stay professional and calm when dealing with your tenant to maintain a peaceful environment. If you don’t want to go through the stress and hassle, you can hire a professional eviction service company to help you out. They will do everything for you so you won’t have to deal with emotional and time inconveniences.

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