How to Evict a Tenant in Las Vegas With No Lease

Being a landlord and evicting tenants is not always easy or fun. Las Vegas evictions can be especially difficult because of their transient nature and the popularity of renting month-to-month. However, in Las Vegas, no-lease evictions can prove to be many times harder than evicting a tenant who has an active lease or rental agreement.

This article will provide you with information on evicting a tenant without an active lease agreement in Las Vegas. Even if you decided not to read the rest of this article, please note that it would still be in your best interest to consult with an attorney before beginning any eviction proceedings in Nevada.

Nevada Statutes

When evicting a tenant without an active lease agreement in Las Vegas, you will be evicting a tenant who normally resides on your property month-to-month or if the tenant pays rent weekly. When that tenant stops paying rent or is in lease violation, according to Nevada law, you must provide your tenant with a seven-day notice to quit.

If your tenant stops paying rent and you have no idea what a seven-day notice to quit or pay, or understand what a no-lease eviction means, you may want to consider hiring professional eviction services to handle the eviction process. Both the landlord and tenant suffer when you, the one in charge of the property, don’t know what they’re doing.

The Eviction Process Involves Serving an Eviction Notice, Seven-Day, Notice to Quit, or Other Documentation.

Benefits of Hiring an Eviction Services Company

There are many reasons why evicting a tenant without a lease or rental agreement in Las Vegas is best handled by eviction services companies. If you were trying to be kind and now they won’t leave or pay rent, consider the following reasons why it’s best to hire professionals to handle the eviction notice and eviction process.


First and foremost, evicting a tenant who lives on your property can be very dangerous if done incorrectly. There have been numerous instances of landlords being threatened or seriously injured during evictions for simply trying to evict their non-paying tenants themselves. An eviction services company is well-acquainted with the potential dangers, and they work with local authorities to make sure tenants don’t have the upper hand when it comes to violence.


Additionally, evicting a tenant without an active lease agreement in Las Vegas, NV will most likely take up most of the time you could be working for weeks, even months. Evicting a non-paying tenant by yourself can often consist of multiple trips back and forth from the property and to eviction court.

If you’re trying to evict a tenant with no lease, Las Vegas eviction specialists, like locally-owned Rocket Eviction, have been through the wringer numerous times, and they have the procedure down. They know everything there is to know about temporary housing, no-lease renting, and other rental property and apartment-related info in Las Vegas, NV, and all the nearby cities in Clark County and beyond. By allowing them to do the paperwork, present the eviction notice, and communicate with your tenant for you, you can focus on your other work and daily life.

Did You Ask for the Right Info, Like a Social Security Award Letter or Documentation Proving Tenant’s Age?

Experience With the Eviction Process and Justice Court Proceedings

Sometimes, eviction cases have to go to court. And, sometimes, that is a direct result of the landlord or property manager failing to present the tenant with the correct written notice, timeframes, or adhere to Nevada Law. Even if your tenant didn’t pay rent, or is in lease violation, you might still end up having to pay if you don’t handle the eviction process properly.

Don’t let this happen to you. By hiring an eviction services company, you can have peace of mind knowing they have your back with knowledge of local Nevada law, eviction process procedures, paperwork, and justice court proceedings. They will be your guiding light throughout the whole process, so you don’t have to struggle to get your property back.

A No-Lease Tenant Who Stops Paying Rent May Require a Seven-Day Notice to Quit to Start the Eviction Process.

Hire Las Vegas, NV Eviction Services Today!

If you are a landlord and you want to evict a tenant without a lease in Las Vegas, you need the help of an eviction services company. Not only will they make sure to handle the eviction properly, safely, and lawfully, but they will also give you the freedom to continue focusing on your other work and your other life activities.

If you’re in Las Vegas, and you’re in need of reliable eviction services, Rocket Eviction is here to help. Contact them today! Their team was founded by a lawyer, and they are extremely passionate about assisting landlords, property managers, and property owners in taking back their properties as quickly, smoothly, and safely as possible.


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