Evicting a Tenant in Las Vegas Can Be One of the Most Difficult Tasks for Any Landlord

Evicting a Tenant in Las Vegas Can Be One of the Most Difficult Tasks for Any Landlord
Evicting a Tenant in Las Vegas Can Be One of the Most Difficult Tasks for Any Landlord

Las Vegas landlords must adhere to various local, state, and federal laws. Nevada’s Residential Landlord and Tenant Act is an excellent resource for determining your responsibilities and rights as a landlord. However, these laws are intricate and constantly shifting, making it nearly impossible for landlords to secure their properties and find ideal tenants, even after ending the COVID-19 moratorium.

In this article, the Rocket Eviction team discusses why removing a problematic tenant in Las Vegas is so challenging and what they can do 

Las Vegas Notification Timelines Can Take Forever

The time required to evict a tenant in Nevada varies depending on the breach and terms of your lease agreement. Regardless of the facts, Las Vegas landlords lose precious revenue—and time—due to notification deadlines.

Below, we’ve outlined a timeline of eviction notices to illustrate our point better:

  • Non-payment: Issue a five-day notice upon non-payment of rent. However, problematic renters can remedy the issue within that five days. As such, the process must restart for every instance of non-payments past the grace period.
  • Nuisance behavior: Nuisance tenants have up to three days to resolve the complaint. These are relatively easy to remedy. However, the same problem occurs with nuisance behavior convictions as with non-payment issues.
  • At-will evictions: You owe tenants notice when you want them to leave the property. Weekly renters require seven days’ notice and monthly renters receive thirty days. These notification rules apply regardless of your circumstances.

After your initial notification, the tenant must leave the unit on the date specified. If they don’t leave voluntarily, the landlords must then file for a five-day unlawful detainer. Once this deadline expires, you now finally have the legal right to evict your tenant, despite the process taking more than a month in some situations.

Tenants Come Up with Defenses Against Landlords

The notification requirement allows the tenant to push back against your allegations. Their answer and your legal strategy, if any, will influence the outcome of the case, and the judge may end up siding with them in the end.

Examples of tenant defenses in eviction proceedings include:

  • Landlord failed to follow proper eviction procedures
  • Tenant did, in fact, pay their rent
  • Landlord did not make necessary repairs according to the law
  • Landlord is illegally retaliating against the tenant
  • Tenant is facing eviction for discriminatory reasons

If your tenant files an answer to the eviction notice, the Las Vegas Justice Court will schedule a hearing where the parties may present evidence and argue their case. The tenant will not face eviction for proven defenses, or the landlord will receive an Order for Eviction against the tenant when successful.

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